The Stephen Alinikoff Distinction

The Stephen Alinikoff Distinction

Since 1974, our country has experienced a multitude of economic and market cycles. Although there have been a few stretches of “happy days” since then, the last four decades have challenged investors with some of the most extreme macro events we’ve ever encountered, including – the runaway inflation and interest rates of the 1970s; the deep recession of the early 1980’s; the stock market crash of 1987; the tech bubble in the 1990’s, the recession and stock market crash of 2000; 9/11; and the unprecedented convergence of the housing bubble, Great Recession, stock market crash and the financial crisis from 2007 to 2009.

Also since 1974, Stephen Alinikoff, principle and founder of Security First Group, has been successfully guiding his client’s portfolios through it all – through the best and the worst of times.

They say the true measure of a financial advisor’s worth is not how they performed during the good times; rather, it is how they perform through the challenging times. Highly effective advisors rely on proven principles and practices, as Steve does, to protect their clients’ portfolios against the inevitable risks of the market. However, it is Steve’s rare blend of decades-long experience and market-tested insight that provides the unique perspective on “what not to do” that has kept his clients from making costly investment mistakes. 

In 1988, Mr. Alinikoff struck out on his own to start an independent broker-dealer firm to be able to offer clients a broad range of investment management products and services through independent investment advice. After growing his firm to more than 150 financial advisors across 16 states, he sold it so he could focus solely on managing the investment portfolios of his own clients.

Through his independent advisory firm, Security First Group, he now manages the portfolios and financial trusts of his clients. Steve takes special pride that some of his managed accounts are now in their third generation of service.

His expertise in the area of tax-favored fixed income strategies and life insurance planning continues to attract high net worth individuals and families concerned with preserving their wealth for lifetime income sufficiency and multi-generational legacy planning.

In addition to his vast experience in the markets, Steve has accumulated an extensive array of license credentials that speak to his knowledge and credibility. He is a Registered Representative and holds licenses as a General Securities Principal, Municipal Securities Principal, Financial & Operations Principal and an Options Principal.

Steve is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable; and, in addition to being a featured speaker at numerous investment and insurance seminars, he is widely published in many of the industry’s trade publications. 

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