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What We Offer

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So much of the focus today is on daily, monthly or even yearly market results, which are merely inconsequential moments in time. Much more important are your own ambitions for financial independence and the security that brings. That’s why, at Security First Group, we focus all of our time and attention on gaining a deep understanding of your personal needs and aspirations through thorough, individualized planning.

To that end, Security First Group offers a range of planning services to help you identify the specific strategies that will accomplish your most important financial goals:

Financial Planning

At First Security Group, we believe in empowering our clients by helping to bring clarity to their situations and their goals while instilling the confidence in their plans to achieve them. We do this by taking as much time as necessary to thoroughly understand where they are in relation to where they want to be, and educating them along the way to developing tailored solutions for each of their financial goals.

Retirement Planning

We work with you to clearly define your vision of retirement and then combine the best combination of retirement savings vehicles with an appropriate investment strategy that emphasizes safety over risk. And, with our special expertise in taxation, we place a greater emphasis on how to achieve optimal tax diversification of your retirement income to create greater lifetime income sufficiency.

Life Insurance Planning

In addition to providing the essential financial security a family needs, life insurance is a proven vehicle to assist high net worth families in preserving their wealth for future generations. We offer our clients a complete analysis to help them determine how to best utilize the unique tax properties of life insurance to achieve their wealth preservation goals.

Executive Benefits Planning

We work with senior executives to create a fully-integrated financial plan to in order to optimize their corporate benefits while working in concert with their long-term investment strategy. Special attention is given to the tax implications of their benefits as well as any concentrated risk from company stock held as stock options or in qualified plans.

Investment Planning

We work individually with each client to develop a long-term investment strategy tailored to their specific objectives and risk profile. With an optimally diversified portfolio of investments, our clients are able to achieve the proper tradeoff between risk and returns that allows them to invest with comfort and confidence.

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